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Profile of the Firm

Established by Derek Elliott in 1984, Law Offices Elliott & Kearney serves corporate clients involved in international projects. The leading industries we serve include:

  • construction
  • oil and gas
  • engineering
  • rail
  • electric power generation
  • defence

From our offices in Paris we act for both French and non-French clients. The projects could be anywhere in the world; as often as not they are in developing countries.

On the business side, the firm advises on joint ventures, service contracts, concessions, project finance and claims.

On the litigation side, the firm has extensive experience in international arbitration, dispute reivew boards, adjudication and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Recent projects include:

  • a hydro-electric power plant in the Philippines
  • pipelines in Georgia and Yemen
  • three high rise hotels in Egypt
  • a project-financed toll bridge in Greece
  • an artificial island in Dubai
  • a glass manufacturing facility in Poland
  • a casino project in Singapore
  • a railway in Turkey
  • an LNG facility in France

The lawyers at Law Offices Elliott & Kearney are all dual-qualified Civil Law lawyers (French avocats) and Common Law lawyers (barrister, solicitor, or attorney-at-law). All are graduates of top UK or US universities. Our experience spans a variety of legal and commercial environments, including countries with links to Islamic law (shari'a).

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We are a "boutique" law firm. Within our areas of specialization we compete with the best. Across the table we typically meet someone (or a small crowd) from a "big name" law firm. Our relatively small size provides a number of benefits:

  • Service is personal and direct.
  • All our lawyers have extensive industry experience and thus can quickly understand and add value to your project.
  • Staffing is tailored to the client's needs, not ours. Free from the burden of a heavy pre-existing structure, we can move quickly and form an expert team, if need be, tapping our extensive network of industry consultants and/or local lawyers with proven track records.

Most of the matters referred to Law Offices Elliott & Kearney are repeat engagements.